Cotton prices of Narma and Cotton price

Welcome all of you to today’s wonderful article. In today’s article we will tell you the prices of cotton in various markets of India. You have a desire to know the prices of cotton every day. Therefore, we tell you the cotton prices every day through our website. If you like the information given by us, then follow our website and share it as much as possible.

Welcome all of you to today’s wonderful article. Every day you people eagerly wait to see at what price cotton will be sold in Narma or Kapas Mandi today. And we will give this information today in this article. If you like the information given by us, then follow our website and share it as much as possible.

Cotton is a commercial crop. The product obtained from this crop is also called white gold. Cotton is sown in loamy soil and black soil. This soil is considered most suitable for special purposes. Cotton is also produced in other missions but less in comparison to this soil.

Cotton crop does not require much water. It can be produced even on less water system. When the flowers of this crop plant come out then there should not be rain because when it rains, the flowers of this crop get spoiled due to which it has a direct impact on the production of cotton. Therefore, sow cotton at such a time that you feel that there will be no rain when its flowers emerge

Cotton crop is an important crop. This crop is a Kharif crop. This crop is also known as cash crop. Loamy soil and black soil are considered suitable for the production of cotton. And it is on these soils that cotton crop is produced more

The main states of India for cotton production are Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. Cotton production is higher in these states compared to other states of India. Because in these states suitable soil is available for cotton crop. Due to which the production of cotton is more in these states and the return rate is also higher.

Today’s fresh cotton prices in various markets of India are as follows:-

Price in Fatehabad Mandi Narma 6700/7280 cotton 7550 Price in Barwala Mandi Narma 7406 cotton 7740 Price in Adampur Mandi Narma 7260 Price in Bhattu Mandi Narma 7050 cotton 7565 Price in Sirsa Mandi Narma 6800/7133 Price in Agricultural Produce Market Committee Sangriya Narama highest 6863 minimum 5400

The prices of Narma and cotton can change at any time, hence trade your cotton crop as per your discretion

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