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Below we have updated the information about the cotton price of India. The price of cotton 29mm futures which we keep changing from time to time, this information is obtained from the Cotton Rate Official website

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Indian Cotton price 8 Apr

Below we have shown the price of cotton in the markets of different states of India today. All changes happen every day. We update all the information from time to time. To know the new updates every day, visit website

Station kapas price
ELLENABAD 6300/7000
Deshi kapas
Deshi kapas
Bhattu 6755
Barwala 6880
Sri Ganganagar

Cotton crop is an important cash crop. Binola is produced from cotton crop only. Two things are made from cotton crop, one is clothes and the other is cottonseed. Therefore this crop has its own importance. Most of the money of the farmer brothers goes to or is spent on taking care of the special needs. Therefore, it is necessary to get a fair price for this crop. Do read this article till the end because the prices of Narma and Cotton are also mentioned in it.

Cotton crop is a crop of warm humid climate. This crop currently ripens in the months of September and October. At this time the farmer class starts picking or plucking the cotton. Now machines have also started arriving for picking cotton

1. Why is American cotton the best?

American cotton is good because American cotton is of good quality and bright white color. Its fibers are long and of good quality. The yield of American cotton is higher. It produces more than native cotton

2. What is cotton used for?

Cotton cotton is used in making clothes or clothes. Cotton is sweet in nature and slightly warm in nature. Apart from this, it increases bile, removes phlegm and is palatable; It works as a medicine for physical problems like thirst, burning sensation, fatigue, unconsciousness, ear pain, discharge of pus from the ear, ulcers or wounds, cuts and scrapes

3. How many types of cotton are there?

There are two varieties of cotton in the world. The name of the first variety is Desi Cotton and the name of the second variety is America Cotton. Clothes are made from cotton

4. How to identify cotton?

To identify cotton, you can identify cotton by burning any cloth. If the cloth completely burns to ashes then it shows that it is made of pure cotton. If it does not burn to ashes and starts forming a lump, it means that the cotton has been adulterated

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